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Worm Tea - 1 Gallon

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Brewed for at least 48 hours (must be used within 24 hours after pick up or within 3 days if refrigerated) with a combination of natural ingredients this Liquid fertilizer is MORE than just a fertilizer!
Use as foliage spray, at normal watering, or as a soil drench.
Sold in concentrated form to use as is OR dilute 1 part tea - 2 parts water.
Foliage spray- use in early morning or evening to avoid sunburn.
Condition your soil by repopulating with microbes
Enrich roots and improve soil texture and fertility
Add nutrients directly to the soil and increase the biological activity in the soil
Builds an environment that will continuously feed your plants. -
Good for indoor and outdoor use
More foliage = bigger harvests
During hot summer days, worm tea can help retain water in soil!