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Ready in 30 minutes, and as delicious as you will find in any restaurant! It does not get any easier or delicious!!!!

Our New Product "C'est Tout Stew"™  is a Stew Kit that is as authentic as it gets! Our Stew Mix is prepared by hand and measured precisely.

Everything you need for a great Meatball, Chicken, Crawfish, Shrimp Stew is in our kit. You only need 4 cups water or stock , 4 Tbs butter and a pound protein of your choice! Simply whisk our kit into four cups water and butter into a sauce pan. Cook over medium heat and bring mixture to a boil while stirring! In less then 5 minutes you will have a thick, creamy stew needing only to add your Meatballs, Chicken or protein! Simmer 30 minutes and you will be eating some of the best Cajun Stew available! 

Our mix includes everything you need from our homemade dry roux, C'est Tout Dried Trinity Mix, and Louisiana Love Cajun Seasoning! No Prep Time needed!!! Ready in 30 minutes, serve over rice and enjoy! C'est Tout!

Contains Wheat.