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Lafayette Community Fridge

Lafayette Community Fridge is a local Mutual Aid group that empowers neighborly support through free food & hygiene items. 

Our work is a collective community effort that tackles food insecurity and provides resources to strengthen our community and show solidarity with marginalized voices.  We believe that mutual aid and community accountability are key to developing sustainable change around the myth of food scarcity.
With the presence of community fridges, everyone has the opportunity to give and receive collective care as we work toward dismantling the systems that oppress us.  LCF has adapted existing models, heavily inspired by NYC, Los Angeles, and especially New Orleans, to create networks that specifically support our Lafayette Communities.
With this work, we are a growing resource guide for any person in Lafayette that would like to directly support their community through free food. These roles of involvement vary from being a fridge/food/monetary donor, a fridge host, a fridge keeper, an artist, a builder, an activist, and everyone in between. 

About Us

Guidelines & FAQ's

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Fridge Locations👇

2905 E Simcoe Lafayette, LA. (outside of McMillans Pub)
620 Charity St. Abbeville, LA (outside of T-boy’s Flea Market)

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